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POS rendszer

POS rendszerünk a több helyről beérkező rendeléseket tudja továbbítani a megfelelő nyomtatókra, tablettekre vagy telefonokra, attól függően, hogy szakács, pincér, futár vagy éppenséggel a tulajdonos az illetékes!

Pincér applikáció

Korszerű, gyors és elegáns megoldás. Spóroljon időt felszolgálóinak és növelje vendégei elégedettségét! Pincér applikációnk iPhone-on és Androidon is egyaránt működik!

Ételkiszállítási applikáció

Make it easier for your customers to order with a couple of clicks. Have your app up in the Playstore and App store within 2 business days.

QR Ordering System

We have built the first reliable QR Ordering system with google's latest technologies. The system detects what client is on witch table and will relay that information back to the admin app. Thus increasing efficiency and reducing customer wait time.

Ételkiszállítási applikáció

Full package will include the IOS and Android applications with your name and logo, uploaded to the Google Playstore and Apple App Store. This will also include the QR Ordering System. The QR Ordering System is simple and does not require your customer to download anything. With one scan it will open up the web app in their phone's browser and feel like a real native app. Once the customer scans the code it will register his order to the current table that he is sitting on and relay that infomation back to the admin app.



Customers can download your restaurant app from Google's Playstore and Apple's App Store.


Browse Menu

Customers can browse your items and also check if you have any promotions. Once chosen he can proceed to order.


Place Order

Once order is placed you will receive notification in admin application with all the information needed to ship out the order.

Admin panel

The admin panel allows you to control every aspect of your apps, such as items, promotions, delivery time, and much more. You can access all kinds of statistics about your customer's orders.

Product Upload

Add a new food or drink, or change existing ones with a few clicks and your guests will already see the new data


Add your employees to the system and assign them permissions!


Create categories, attributes, or extra terms for products so your guests can request an existing product in multiple variations!

Send Notifications

Manage your registered users or send them notifications so they don't miss anything important!

Package Preview

Below you can see screen shots and app previews. We can also create custom designed applications to fit anyone needs and style.

Video Preview

Watch our promo video to illustrate the look and feel of the app!

Our Client Reviews

Feed back testimonial from our clients.


The most cost effective and professional system we have used.

Yee-Lo Pizzéria

Növelte a bevételünket és időt spórolt a pincéreknek


Application has been very great at expanding my delivery service.


Az értesítések küldésével, mindig felpörgetjük a forgalmat!


Extra Packages

We integrate ever-expanding additional features into our core package, which you can add to your existing system at any time.

GoOrderz Kitchen
A rendelések egyenesen a konyhába érkeznek

Card Payment
Ügyfelei könnyedén alkalmazáson keresztül is fizethetnek

Per Product Packaging Price
Különböző doboz ár attribútumokat is létrehozhat

Waiter App
Felszolgálói akár saját telefonjukon is felvehetik a rendeléseket

Our Prices

Our application and our QR Code ordering system use the latest technology from Google, thanks to which we can provide you with the most up-to-date quality!

Native Mobile Apps Pacakge

Upload to Apple Store

Upload to Google Playstore

Your Name and Logo

Admin Management System

Marketing Materials

Order Management System

. hamarosan / Mo

Order now

Combo Package

Native Mobile Apps Pacakge

QR Order System Package

Marketing Package

Admin Management System

Order Management System

Kitchen App

. hamarosan / Mo

Order now

QR Order System Package

Ordering By Tables

QR Code Generator

Marketing Package

Order management App

Unlimited Orders

**Up To 50 Tables

** Kitchen App Included

. hamarosan / Mo

Order now

Frequently asked questions

If you have any questions, click on the topic and you will get an answer. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us!

After contacting us, All we need is the name of your restaurant and Logo. Then we send you your admin panel login information along with uploading the applications to the playstore and app store. We will manage all review processes by Google and Apple so all you need to do is just serve your customers.
Once you receive your login information you can begin adding your products. If you need support we are available every day of the week.
Now you are ready!

Takes about 2 business days after google and apple finish their review process. You should have added at least 15 products before Apple Approves the app for public release.

Yes, You can cancel at any time.. However if you wish to restart the process again you will have to renter all your data again.

Yes of course! You can contact us for custom designs that fits your needs. We can either create the design or you can send us a design to be implemented to your application.

Yes of course! You can contact us with your requests and we will be more than happy to implement.


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